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When you want access to a large network of executive suites, Premier Business Centers has the options that work for you.

Our Plans

When choosing an executive suite for your company, you should consider various office plans that can meet your unique needs. Premier Business Centers offers a wide range of office plans and accompanying services that can help your company succeed.

Office Plan Features and Services

Premier Business Centers manages and leases more than 60 executive suite properties throughout the United States. This level of experience has given the company insight into the office plan features and services that businesses need most.

Office plans from Premier Business Centers include all of the services that you would expect from an executive suite, such as:

• Access to kitchen and lounge areas
• Unfurnished and furnished office spaces and suites
• High-speed Internet access
• Mail delivery and shipping
• Personalized telephone answering and voicemail systems
• IT consulting

In addition to these useful features, clients of Premier Business Centers also get access to common secretarial and administrative services. That way, you can share the costs of these services with other clients, making it easier for you to operate your business successfully.

Flexible Lease Options from Premier Business Centers

Premier Business Centers offers a range of services to meet the needs of clients. The company also offers flexible leasing options that meet the specific needs of each business. Some companies choose to lease their full-time office plans for a full year. Other companies, however, decide that they only need access to an executive suit for one day.

No matter what length of access you need, Premier Business Centers can work with you to find a lease term that fits your business plan.


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